Tai Chi and Yogi Tea

My detox is still err detoxing. I am consuming gallons of Yogi Tea (Classic) with a little bit of organic honey, oh did I mention I don’t do sugar now? Yep, it’s history, gone the way of my nicotine sticks and caffeine beverages.

Yogi Tea – My Saviour

I have been a big fan of Golden Temple Yogi Tea since I first discovered it in a groovy cafe in Camden market a couple of years ago. I like the Classic (Cinnamon Spice) variety best, but in actual fact I haven’t found any varieties I don’t like.

Detox, a rip-off?

There was a report on ITV news a couple of days ago about how detox products are a waste of money, I agree-ish, but some things do make this type of thing a little easier – like Yogi Tea, I am not detoxing, in a pure, undiluted way. I am not consuming water and a bit of a lemon, on a 3 day fast (though I want to experience some mystic, fast-induced euphoria in the future). What I am doing is getting rid of some of the bad shit from my life.

Good Stuff

My good pal Rob featured one of my tunes on his latest podcast which I listened to today. Thanks Rob!

Tai Chi

I haven’t done any Tai Chi for a while now, it’s cold outside, but I am gonna brave it. Tai Chi really is a wonderful way of adding some balance and calm to your life – highly recommended, even when it’s cold.

By Rich Senior

Meditator, Yogi, Tai Chi practitioner, Guitar player, Music maker, Writer and Web developer.

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