Super Health Detox

Today, is a better day. I woke up when Sue bought the post in – and I had a package! Unwrapping it, I thought Amazon had finally remembered to send a book, that I had forgotten that I had ordered. Inside was a book called “Super Health Detox” by Michael van Straten. I then realised that my beautiful Mum had sent me it as a gift!

A Super Book

I have only skimmed through a few pages so far, but this is a great book on the art of detox and so much more. I am sure it will be a great guide for my new healthy life.

Tai Chi for Breakfast

I am back in full Tai Chi mode now. It really is a wonderful jewel, a treasure of kindness to your mind, body and spirit. My new mantra, I found on the back of another book that my Mum brought me – “The Tibetan Art of Living” by Christopher Hansard. This is turning in to a fascinating read into the art of Tibetan medicine. I will explore more from both books at a later date, but my new mantra is It is better to live one day as a Tiger than a thousand years as a Sheep – I like this for all sorts of reasons and I love my Mum for many, many more!. Thanks Mum!

By Rich Senior

Meditator, Yogi, Tai Chi practitioner, Guitar player, Music maker, Writer and Web developer.

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