Swan Song – Death in Ham


A Happy Soul

Mortality is a subject I have been exploring with a greater depth lately. I am approaching my 40th birthday, so my focus has been drawn to my own existance and demise. What is the meaning? Is there a meaning? I think Buddha might had said that this was an unanswerable question. It probably is unanswerable, but I am still trying to trawl my mind for answers, like I can search Google, but my mind ain’t programmed like good ‘ole Google.

Songs of Death

I have been writing songs about death too, which I think is a good way to release those feelings. Where art thou Zippy? is a tune about our cat Zippy who died last September. It also contains references to my Grandad and Nan – called Kitty, so maybe it should have been Where art thou Kitty?

Swan Song

On Sunday we went to Ham Common. A pair of beautiful, large, swans were keeping watch over their young signets. We went back to Ham Common yesterday. There was a notice pinned to a tree saying that the swans were attacked by a dog later that Sunday. The female had died and the male injured. The signets and injured male swan had been taken to a swan sanctuary. I heard that swans find lifelong partners which made me a little upset. Did the dog have an owner?

Now, what was the point of that? How does that relate to the grand scheme of things? Do the signets miss their mum?

By Rich Senior

Meditator, Yogi, Tai Chi practitioner, Guitar player, Music maker, Writer and Web developer.

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