Peace in Parliament Square

Parliament Square Peace Protest

Brian Haw has been protesting for peace in Parliament Square, London since the 2nd of June 2001. Here are some pictures of the Parliament Square Peace Protest, I took today.

Brian has shown that peace really does work. His peaceful demonstration, has been victorious against even the British government, in 2005 they passed a law, – the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act (SOCPA) specifically aimed at removing Brian from Parliament Square. The Government also took the opportunity to restrict everyone’s right to protest within a 1km area of Parliament.

The Life of Brian

Brian though, was not evicted. The High Court ruled that, as he had been protesting before the SOCPA Act, then he should be allowed to continue his protest.

Brian Haw

I wonder in years to come, will we celebrate Brian’s peaceful demonstration with a statue in Parliament Square? Maybe next to Sir Winston Churchill? I think they both share the same bulldog spirit and the resolve to beat a dangerous dictator. Maybe this is not such a crazy idea afterall… There is an exhibition by Mark Wallinger currently showing at Tate Britain, called “State Britain”, (15th January to 27th August 2007) which is a reconstruction of over 600 weather-beaten banners, photographs, peace flags and messages from well-wishers that have been amassed by Brian over the past five years.

Finger Peace

Tate Britain

By Rich Senior

Meditator, Yogi, Tai Chi practitioner, Guitar player, Music maker, Writer and Web developer.

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