Learning to fly


I am a million years away from meditation induced levitation, but I feel like I am making progress in my own way. Had a tough day yesterday, putting it down to the nicotine snake, trying to have one last bite out of me. So once again, it’s all good, it is, what it is.

Tai Chi – A very short form

My Tai Chi practice has never got past about half way through the short form. I started learning Tai Chi with Sue Weston in Isleworth. But have never managed to learn the complete short form as Sue left for a years retreat in Holy Island before I reached my goal. I want to get back to my classes, but am enjoying remembering what I already know. Without thinking, more and more parts of the form are coming back to me. I find this really exciting and rewarding. My last few Tai Chi sessions have been quite hard, so as I am about to embark on my mornings practice, I am going to have a little meditation before some Chi Kung and Tai Chi

By Rich Senior

Meditator, Yogi, Tai Chi practitioner, Guitar player, Music maker, Writer and Web developer.

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