The Science of Enjoyment


No, it’s OK, I haven’t slipped off my new diet/way-of-life. The above picture shows me knocking out some wicked riffs out of my air guitar in the Red Lion, Cropredy, New Years Eve. On closer inspection, notice the dark stains on my top, caused by spilling my Jack Daniels and Coke. Also notice to the right of the picture, my nephew Callum, learning some new tips from the master.

ARISE – Associates for Research Into the Science of Enjoyment

According to “Super Health Detox” by Michael van Straten.

“Believe it or not, in England there’s a scientific body called ARISE. Some of their prestigious meetings include lavish dinners where many different wines are served with each course, and the diners eat foie gras, goose, chocolate pudding, cheese and petits fours. Then they are encouraged to enjoy a large Havana cigar with their port and the meal finishes with strong black coffee.

Appalling? No, because ARISE is an acronym for Associates for Research Into the Science of Enjoyment. Like me, it’s members are inreasingly concerned that the ‘food and health police’ are creating a world where enjoyment and pleasure stand for sin and guilt.”

I have since found out that maybe ARISE should maybe feel a little guilt, but I agree that a little ‘blowout’ is good. A little bit of what you fancy and variety is the spice of life are all regimes I now subscribe too. Sure, I have puritanically culled my need for nicotine, sugar and caffeine, find myself checking food packaging for salt levels. But I will not let this be a rod in my back to stop me enjoying myself or stop exploring some of life’s more indulgent pleasures. I had a great take away Indian meal Saturday night!

Food makes you mental

According to the BBC, “Changes to diets over the last 50 years may be playing a key role in the rise of mental illness, a study says”. All this prepackaged, heavily processed food we are so fond of may not be just bad for our figures. It would appear that it may be bad for our minds too. This is so true – my new healthy lifestyle was given a seal of approval by my friends daughter, she said I looked “all happy” when I went round a couple of days ago, and I was. Eat Raw – it works.

Drum Different Podcast

Chris Cooke has just uploaded a new edition of his Drum Different Podcast, which looks at “music as an avenue for political and social advocacy” and was launched to coincide with Martin Luther Kings birthday. It is well worth a listen.

By Rich Senior

Meditator, Yogi, Tai Chi practitioner, Guitar player, Music maker, Writer and Web developer.

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