Going Green

I went green today, no I didn’t replace my lightbulbs with energy efficient varieties, I got on my bike. I have already replaced all my light bulbs, I recycle much of my rubbish but what I did today, made me really green. For the first time in about 6 months I dragged my trusty Sirrus… Continue reading Going Green

Frequency Karma

Frequency Karma is the name of my latest tune. It is about us all becoming enlightened, together, in a sort of Celestine Prophecy “Critical Mass” type of vein. As far as the music goes, I would call it buddhist punk if you measure in genres, but you can call it anything you like.

Swan Song – Death in Ham

A Happy Soul Mortality is a subject I have been exploring with a greater depth lately. I am approaching my 40th birthday, so my focus has been drawn to my own existance and demise. What is the meaning? Is there a meaning? I think Buddha might had said that this was an unanswerable question. It… Continue reading Swan Song – Death in Ham

Guitar – a new meditation

I have once again, let my Tai Chi practice waver a little. Do not despair, the resultant vacuum has not been filled by tv or drugs. I have picked up my classical guitar again, having lessons and even blogging about it in my Guitar Blog. Guitar practice is a great meditation. I can lose myself… Continue reading Guitar – a new meditation

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Calling all Earthlings

Earthlings is a heart breaking documentary by Shaun Monson, featuring the music of Moby and the narrative talents of Joaquin Phoenix. It explores the relationship of earthlings – the inhabitants of earth. It spells out the misery that humans inflict on our fellow earthlings, drawing on similarities with The Holocaust it pulls no punches, and… Continue reading Calling all Earthlings

Fun with Bamboo

Bamboo, my new Master My Tai Chi class concluded with a drawing of Bamboo. John explained that in China, bamboo is a very special thing. He used it to represent our Tai Chi learning. The knobbly bit represents the class, the long smooth section the practice. Notice that the sprouts grow from the knobbly part.… Continue reading Fun with Bamboo