Tai Chi Road Trip

My Tai Chi practice has waned slightly over the last week or two. I haven’t rolled back to Mr Marlboro man or anything as silly like that. It’s just life throwing me new adventures to grasp onto which sometimes lets me lose my grip on my practice. Tai Chi for Drivers I had a wonderful… Continue reading Tai Chi Road Trip

No pain, no gain

After another sweat infested sleep, I feel on top again this morning. Up at 5:30am and spent a good hour playing Chi Kung and Tai Chi. My latest favourite trick is the standing still pose. I managed 10 minutes today, I could have done quite a bit more too. This seems to be having good… Continue reading No pain, no gain

Bugs in the machine

Yesterday was my first day back to reality after spending 4 days sweating out a horrible bug. I missed my Brother’s birthday celebrations and all food for 3 days. It is the first time in my life I ever remember smelling bad too. I am sure my close friends will disagee with the last statement,… Continue reading Bugs in the machine

Tibet, Where art thou?

After downloading the new Mac version of Google Earth, I was interested to look up Tibet. Couldn’t find it. “Lhasa Tibet”, “Tibet China” – no joy. “Lasa China” found what I was looking for, well it’s a place mark anyway. No real info though, hidden by Google to appease the Chinese authorities I suspect. Tibet,… Continue reading Tibet, Where art thou?

Wu Chi

I have been a bit grumpy again, didn’t bother to go to my new Yoga class yesterday, still not smoking though. So with a sort of heavy heart I approached my second Tai Chi lesson at the North Kingston centre. Practice makes perfect Fortunately my lack of gusto was soon dissolved by the gentle exercises… Continue reading Wu Chi

Yoga for Beginners

“a Hindu spiritual and ascetic discipline, a part of which, including breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, is widely practiced for health and relaxation.” The class started off well enough, my new Yogi, Eve explained that I should be OK in this class of women as Yoga was originally developed… Continue reading Yoga for Beginners

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The Science of Enjoyment

No, it’s OK, I haven’t slipped off my new diet/way-of-life. The above picture shows me knocking out some wicked riffs out of my air guitar in the Red Lion, Cropredy, New Years Eve. On closer inspection, notice the dark stains on my top, caused by spilling my Jack Daniels and Coke. Also notice to the… Continue reading The Science of Enjoyment

My free gym

I have joined a great gym. It gives my whole body a bit of a cardiovascular work out and is toning my arms and legs. My gym is about a mile away, and can be reached via the towpath of the River Thames. It is a nice walk, I love watching the ducks, geese and… Continue reading My free gym

Learning to fly

I am a million years away from meditation induced levitation, but I feel like I am making progress in my own way. Had a tough day yesterday, putting it down to the nicotine snake, trying to have one last bite out of me. So once again, it’s all good, it is, what it is. Tai… Continue reading Learning to fly