Mindful Practice

Still not smoking, but I got some strange pangs yesterday for ‘ol nic-o-teen. I met an amazing person called Maurice a few years ago, who might have been holding the reason for these desires. I was standing outside my sisters shop, smoking a ciggie. When Maurice came up to me and started talking. He was… Continue reading Mindful Practice

I feel good

Life is sweet. Got up at 5am! I feel alive and ready for a great day. I am even tempted to extend my 24 hour detox to a 48 big boy session. I started this morning with a nice cup of lemon and ginger tea, but I think I’ll do the 48 hour or possibly… Continue reading I feel good

Twenty-four hour cleansing

No, I am not having a bath! I am going to undertake Michael van Straten’s twenty-four hour Cleansing for Health fast. Today’s Menu on waking A large glass of hot water with a thick slice of organic unwaxed lemon breakfast A large glass of hot water with a thick slice of organic unwaxed lemonA mug… Continue reading Twenty-four hour cleansing

Buddha made the tea

Last night I recorded a demo of a new song, which I have decided to call Buddha made the tea. Inspired and influenced by my recent detox sessions. The vocals are a bit weak, but please feel free to grab the mp3 for your collection. I feel good Had a few pangs of nicotine withdrawal… Continue reading Buddha made the tea

Super Health Detox

Today, is a better day. I woke up when Sue bought the post in – and I had a package! Unwrapping it, I thought Amazon had finally remembered to send a book, that I had forgotten that I had ordered. Inside was a book called “Super Health Detox” by Michael van Straten. I then realised… Continue reading Super Health Detox

Tai Chi and Yogi Tea

My detox is still err detoxing. I am consuming gallons of Yogi Tea (Classic) with a little bit of organic honey, oh did I mention I don’t do sugar now? Yep, it’s history, gone the way of my nicotine sticks and caffeine beverages. Yogi Tea – My Saviour I have been a big fan of… Continue reading Tai Chi and Yogi Tea

Cold Turkey

Still not smoking. Still fecking moody and irritable but I can feel my lungs coming alive again. Which is a bit worrying, as normally when I give up my lungs start feeling that they are full of tar, and I haven’t hit that stage yet. Last night Channel 4 showed “Cold Turkey” which follows Tara… Continue reading Cold Turkey

Happy New Year?

I have decided to make a fresh start to 2006. I am saying good-bye to nicotine. I have decided that Marlboro Lights suck, hey, I decided that a long time ago, but I am feeling brave and optimistic about 2006. Smoking is killing me. I smoke about 20 ciggies daily, well I did anyway, that… Continue reading Happy New Year?