Learning to fly

I am a million years away from meditation induced levitation, but I feel like I am making progress in my own way. Had a tough day yesterday, putting it down to the nicotine snake, trying to have one last bite out of me. So once again, it’s all good, it is, what it is. Tai… Continue reading Learning to fly

Mindful Practice

Still not smoking, but I got some strange pangs yesterday for ‘ol nic-o-teen. I met an amazing person called Maurice a few years ago, who might have been holding the reason for these desires. I was standing outside my sisters shop, smoking a ciggie. When Maurice came up to me and started talking. He was… Continue reading Mindful Practice

I feel good

Life is sweet. Got up at 5am! I feel alive and ready for a great day. I am even tempted to extend my 24 hour detox to a 48 big boy session. I started this morning with a nice cup of lemon and ginger tea, but I think I’ll do the 48 hour or possibly… Continue reading I feel good

Twenty-four hour cleansing

No, I am not having a bath! I am going to undertake Michael van Straten’s twenty-four hour Cleansing for Health fast. Today’s Menu on waking A large glass of hot water with a thick slice of organic unwaxed lemon breakfast A large glass of hot water with a thick slice of organic unwaxed lemonA mug… Continue reading Twenty-four hour cleansing

Buddha made the tea

Last night I recorded a demo of a new song, which I have decided to call Buddha made the tea. Inspired and influenced by my recent detox sessions. The vocals are a bit weak, but please feel free to grab the mp3 for your collection. I feel good Had a few pangs of nicotine withdrawal… Continue reading Buddha made the tea

Super Health Detox

Today, is a better day. I woke up when Sue bought the post in – and I had a package! Unwrapping it, I thought Amazon had finally remembered to send a book, that I had forgotten that I had ordered. Inside was a book called “Super Health Detox” by Michael van Straten. I then realised… Continue reading Super Health Detox

Tai Chi and Yogi Tea

My detox is still err detoxing. I am consuming gallons of Yogi Tea (Classic) with a little bit of organic honey, oh did I mention I don’t do sugar now? Yep, it’s history, gone the way of my nicotine sticks and caffeine beverages. Yogi Tea – My Saviour I have been a big fan of… Continue reading Tai Chi and Yogi Tea

Cold Turkey

Still not smoking. Still fecking moody and irritable but I can feel my lungs coming alive again. Which is a bit worrying, as normally when I give up my lungs start feeling that they are full of tar, and I haven’t hit that stage yet. Last night Channel 4 showed “Cold Turkey” which follows Tara… Continue reading Cold Turkey